ADR Transport of Dangerous Goods Awareness Introduction [ Classroom ]

ADR Course Overview

The United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods developed recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) to ensure that the risks to people, property and the environment are minimised when transporting hazardous materials.

Some of the key objectives of the recommendations on TDG are the harmonization of hazard awareness, risk reduction during transport with appropriate packaging/containment, and better communication through marking, labeling and documentation across all modes of transport including modes used by IATA.

It is mandatory under UK law for personnel involved in a company transporting Dangerous Goods (DG) to be appropriately trained and aware of ADR regulations before commencing work. This includes personnel responsible for the classification, packing, marking/labeling, documentation, and loading and unloading of DG. These ADR training requirements extend across all modes of transportation, with air DG transportation having the strictest requirements.

A mistake made during any process involved in DG transportation could have implications including shipment delays, safety issues, financial penalties, and in some cases, legal action. It is very important for shippers to attend an ADR training course.

The Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Course will provide delegates with the essential knowledge necessary to satisfy the legal requirement for a basic level of dangerous goods training.

Who should attend?

The content of the Dangerous Goods Training Introduction Course is aimed at those individuals who have a responsibility for any/all of the following:

  • Authoring SDSs and the completion of Section 14
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Packing, Labeling and Marking of Dangerous Goods
  • Preparing goods for dispatch (e.g. palletization, over-packing)
  • Providing Dangerous Goods documentation
  • Understanding of ADR regulations
  • Knowledge of IATA Dangerous Goods regulations

Aspects of dangerous goods transportation not covered in the course:

Please Note: The ADR course does not cover – in detail – issues relating to materials of Class 1 (Explosives), Class 2 (Gases), although material will introduce aerosols, Division 6.2 (Infectious), and Class 7 (Radioactive). This DG training course does not cover carriage in tanks, or the regulations and requirements for transportation of DG by air/IATA.

When and where is the ADR course?

Our office is in Nottingham, United Kingdom, providing free car parking and easy access from all major motorways. The Transport of Dangerous Goods course runs from 8.30am until 5pm, and includes lunch, drinks and refreshments.

The fee for attending this training course is currently £395 per person + VAT.


Event DatesLocationSeats AvailableEvent Registration
Jan 24, 2019Nottingham, UKClosedRegistration Closed

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