Philippines Publishes Draft Policy on Cyanide Requirements

Posted on: April 16, 2018

by Thuy Dang

Philippines flag - read about recent draft policy on requirements for cyanide from UL's regulatory experts.The Philippines Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) has published a draft Memorandum Circular to clarify any confusion on the registration and licensing of the Chemical Control Order (CCO) for Cyanide and Cyanide compounds. The circular is expected to apply to all existing and upcoming CCOs for Cyanide and Cyanide compounds.

The Memorandum Circular covers the requirements and procedures for the applications and renewal licenses, and responsibilities of importers, distributors and end-users. Application forms can also be found in the Circular.

For specific details, refer to the regulation draft [PDF]. Per the site, comments on the regulation can be sent to EMB at


Philippines Environmental Management Bureau (EMB). “Clarification to the Registration and Licensing Requirements for Chemical Control Order (CCO) for Cyanide and Cyanide Compounds under DENR Administrative Order No 97-39” – DRAFT [PDF]


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