France sets 01 January 2018 as poison centre notification deadline for businesses without RGS** certificate

Posted on: February 27, 2018

01 March 2018 – This text has been amended to reflect that the deadline for submission without an RGS** certificate was the first 01 January 2018. This alteration was made at the request of the INRS to NCEC and supersedes previous communications which had indicated that the final submission deadline would be the 01 March 2018.

“The INRS has announced quite a radical change to the notification process for France,” said Larissa Silver, NCEC Senior Consultant and Poison Centre Product Manager. “Where previously mixtures could be notified via email or post, any submissions made in this way after the 01 January deadline will be destroyed, leaving businesses at the risk of non-compliance. Alternatively, businesses can choose a trusted supplier to undertake their poison centre notification, such as NCEC, which can reduce the time and cost of notifying in France.”

The National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INRS – France) has announced that, as of 01 January 2018, it will only accept notifications to poison centres in France submitted by organisations that have been granted a valid RGS** certificate, and which notify through the ‘Declaration Synapse’ web-portal.

The RGS** certificate costs approximately €200 and must be renewed annually. It is tied to a named individual within an organisation and cannot be transferred to another employee. The certificate can only be granted following a face-to-face identify verification with the named individual and must be formally approved by a senior member of staff at board level within the notifying company, who must also provide photographic identification.

Under the Decree No. 2014-128 of 14 February 2014, information on hazardous mixtures, or trade-named substances, which have particular health or physical effect classifications that are placed on the market in France must be notified to the INRS. There are various deadlines for notifications in France, depending on a product’s classification under CLP. These are identified in the UK’s National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) poison centre compliance report, which also forms part of the ChemADVISOR Navigator product.


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