Australia Publishes ‘Chemicals Business Checklist’

Posted on: January 8, 2014

By Danielle Svestka

Australia has published a document titled ‘Chemicals Business Checklist’ to provide a high level overview of information needed to start and develop a chemicals business in Australia.  The Checklist is published by the Chemicals and Plastics Industry and intended to be a supplement to the “How-To” guidance documentation found on the Australian website:

Documentation highlighted in the Checklist aims to streamline the potential confusion of regulatory requirements and compliance activities by organizing the document into specific sections identified by pictograms of the chemical type to which each is relevant. The highlighted chemical types include: Agricultural and Veterinary, Therapeutic, Cosmetics, Chemicals for Food and Industrial.

By identifying individual sections, the Checklist directs users to information relevant to their industry.  Topics addressed by the Checklist include:

  • Manufacturing/Importing New Chemicals
  • Transport of Chemicals/Chemical Products
  • Exporting Chemicals/Chemical Products
  • Chemicals of Security Concern/Illicit Drug Precursors
  • Worker Safety
  • Waste Disposal.

Also included in the Checklist is a broad outline of the roles/responsibilities of each level of Australian government, as well as a comprehensive list of contacts and links to which users can refer to for more detailed information.


The Australian Chemicals Business Checklist:


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