Connect with key supply chain stakeholders to ensure retail supply chain compliance


UL helps retailers connect with their supply chain to meet critical compliance and safety needs, while staying on top of global regulatory requirements.

Our WERCSmart software provides both retailers and their suppliers with the vital information they need to conduct business and preserves intellectual property in a safe and secure digital environment.

WERCSmart Manufacturer

Manufacturer Benefits

Monitor and manage all your product portfolio needs with the highest standards of confidentiality and service. Get products on retail shelves efficiently and gain timely, informed technical and regulatory support when you need it.

WERCSmart will help you:

  • Stay compliant and on retail store shelves of over 40+ retailers by submitting your product information all at once
  • Learn more about your supply chain and products’ sustainability attributes
  • Promote your products on consumers’ most trusted online resource for product ratings
  • Streamline data management with dependable client technical support
  • Reduce costs with insights from UL Global regulatory experts
WERCSmart Retailer

Retailer Benefits

Collect, manage and evaluate manufacturer product data to maintain compliant and safe store environments.

WERCSmart will help you:

  • Protect employees and customers from dangerous chemical spills
  • Gain an information library outlining required safety precautions for handling, storing and transporting chemical- and battery-containing products
  • Collect and assess sustainability attributes of products
  • Reduce costly hazardous waste disposal fines
  • Stay compliant with local and federal regulations


Retailers and other participants in the WERCSmart platform who sell, transport, handle, store, or dispose of chemical containing products face challenges in complying with increasingly complex EH&S federal, state, and local regulations. The data contained in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) supplied with the products frequently do not contain sufficient information for compliance with these regulations. WERCSmart provides retailers and other participants with the data required to comply.

Easy-to-access Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Get just-in-time safety and emergency instructions on how to handle, store, and dispose of chemical-containing products, protecting retail customers and employees from hazardous spills and other emergency situations.

Distribution Slotting Information

Increase retail warehouse efficiency and reduce risk of injury with WERCSmart-generated distribution slotting information. This identification information enables employees to quickly and safely unload, store, and find sourced products in warehouses and distribution centers.

Transportation Classification Regulatory Support

Avoid potential costly fines when receiving and returning stock items by relying on UL’s regulatory experts to provide information and insights into your sourced products’ transportation classifications.

Waste Classification Regulatory Support

Rely on our system to provide assessments comparing products against federal, state, and local regulations to stay informed and reduce disposal costs as electronics, battery, and battery-containing product compliance requirements grow more complex and stringent.

VOC Classification Regulatory Support

Our VOC-containing product assessments can help ensure your warehouse products meet state regulations, reducing potential transportation, handling and disposal fines.

Sales Regulation Restriction Assessments

Depend on our comprehensive product assessments to prevent local sales regulation restriction violations.

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