Reduce manual efforts and increase product questionnaire accuracy

Countless requests for product information, ranging from chemicals to finished goods, create an unreasonable demand on supplier resources and result in inaccurate or incomplete submissions to recipients, ultimately weakening the integrity and value of supply chain data.The current situation can result in the investment in countless man hours providing the same data in different formats, loss of business and/or lack of compliance due to the likelihood of manual errors. UL Supply Chain Network provides recipients and their suppliers with a secure, efficient and powerful way to organize, aggregate, utilize and share supply chain data — to increase product questionnaire accuracy.

Industry Challenges

Demands for transparency challenge manufacturers to acquire an increased amount of product information from its suppliers in order to improve compliance, sustainable design, decision support and logistics. The most common tool used today are individual questionnaires created as Excel or Word docs.

Challenges for Manufacturers

  • Excel and Word docs are cumbersome and difficult to manage.
  • Need exists for data that often goes beyond what suppliers know about their product data and requires a 3rd party to DERIVE data to fill business critical data gaps.
  • Challenged with low supplier participation.

Challenges for Suppliers

  • Limited resources that result in product questionnaire fatigue.
  • Difficulty in answering questions that may require participation from multiple departments or personnel.
  • Unwillingness to share Confidential Business Information (CBI).

Industry Solutions

UL Supply Chain Network is a comprehensive solution to collect, validate, derive and share supply chain data.

Manufacturers can...

  • Construct product questionnaires from the extensive UL library.
  • Distribute and manage questions in 40+ languages.
  • Increase supplier response time as well as the quality of answers.

Suppliers can...

  • Respond easily to requests. No more Word docs or Excel sheets.
  • Protect Confidential Business Information (CBI).
  • Dramatically reduce labor time and manual entry via permission-based sharing with other customer questionnaires.

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