Access thousands of accurate, up-to-date SDS for pure chemical substances

The OHS Pure Substance Database contains authored Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and Summary Sheets for more than 22,000 pure chemical substances. The SDS’s are gathered from a library of over 200 resources of chemical health and safety data. The Database is updated quarterly by professional ChemADVISOR research analysts.

ChemAdvisor Pure Substance Database

Compliant, reliable, cost effective SDSs

  • Access to up-to-date SDSs, complete and accurate
  • Multiple languages for international operations
  • International solution for standardized SDSs
  • Continuous support from qualified, professional EH&S experts
  • Available in multiple languages

Critical Issues Solved

  • Provides reliable chemical data to populate enterprise-level health & safety systems
  • Offers alternative source of SDS databases complete with ongoing updating and review
  • Completes missing SDS data critical to daily operations

Modularized for your flexibility and scalability

  • Standard SDS format for all data
  • Summary sheets, label information and other related regulatory data available
  • Expanded chemical data: regulatory information, transport designations, detailed toxicological data and extensive physical properties

EHS Data Elements

The OHS EH&S Data Elements is a regulatory module designed for customers who need reliable safety, health and regulatory data to support various applications including reporting and inventory management.

The OHS EH&S Data Elements are provided as ASCII files that correlate to 11 tables of data. These tables cover five different types of information:

  • Substance identification data
  • Component data
  • Physical properties data
  • Regulatory data
  • Hazards assessment data

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