Market Readiness Services

Customize your approach for Market Readiness with expert feedback and advice

Work with UL’s experts to identify products (and the substances in them) that are regulated and interpret how regulations may affect your attempts to push product to market, or maintain business continuity for existing products under every-changing regulations. UL’s team of experts monitor regulations around the world and our global expertise is primed to evaluate products for sale between regulated countries.

Receive feedback to your unique situation, identify any gaps that need to be addressed, and steps needed before your material can be declared “Market Ready.”

Gain proactive insight to the impact of changing regulations to your existing product portfolio.

Comprehensive evaluation to determine product salability

Work with a UL regulatory expert to complete a product review that involves product and product substance evaluation to identify regulatory requirements for compliant sale. In evaluating a product’s market readiness, or salability, we examine a scope including:

  • Hazard Communication
  • Substance registration/notification
  • Product registration/notification
  • Product use specific requirements
  • Identification of applicable regulations
  • Import certification/licensing requirements

Additional considerations

Does your product type and destination country have special requirements?

UL experts can provide:

  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits, Alternative Control Plan (ACP) or an Innovative Product Exemption
  • Waste classification, e.g. the EU and USA Lists of Wastes
  • Water Hazard Classification (WGK) for Germany

How can we help you?

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